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New €14m intake facility secures a reliable supply for city into the future


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

New €14m intake facility secures a reliable supply for city into the future New €14m intake facility secures a reliable supply for city into the future

The future of Galway City’s water supply has been secured with the completion of a €14m new water intake from the River Corrib, Uisce Éireann have confirmed.

The company has successfully relocated the raw water intake infrastructure on the river, close to the Dyke Road, to ensure that homes and businesses in have ample water supply for years to come.

The new facility, which can be seen from the Quincentenary Bridge, is “guaranteeing a reliable and safe drinking water supply, significantly reducing the risk of disruptions to Galway City and surrounding areas in the county”.

John McElwaine, Programme Manager with Uisce Éireann, formerly Irish Water, said he was proud of the team’s works and outlined the benefits it would bring.

“The newly delivered intake and watermain transfer project will mean that, even during low water levels in the River Corrib, a more secure water supply can be provided from Terryland Water Treatment Plant to Galway City and surrounding areas.

“We at Uisce Éireann are very proud to have delivered this important project, just south of the Quincentennial Bridge, for the people of Galway. The project will secure water supply to the city benefitting current and future generations.”

The project, carried out by Coffey Construction Limited on behalf of Uisce Éireann, will ensure that water supply can be maintained to the city during prolonged dry periods.

Meanwhile, screening, provided as part of the new intake infrastructure, will improve and protect the raw water quality entering the plant and prevent the fish population of the River Corrib from entering the plant

Uisce Éireann is responsible for delivering public drinking water and wastewater services for the people of Ireland.

“We are committed to enabling communities to thrive by continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support sustainable growth and development, providing safe drinking water, and enhancing the environment,” the company said.

Construction works undertaken included:

■ Moving the abstraction for Terryland Water Treatment Plant from the Terryland River to the River Corrib;

■ A new intake structure, including instrumentation and a fish deterrent and return system;

■ New pipelines under the N6 using a tunnel boring machine and open cut excavations, including a crossing of the Terryland River to existing infrastructure;

■ New connection chamber to tie in the new pipeline to Terryland Water Treatment Plant.

Pictured: The new €14m water intake facility on the River Corrib near the Dyke Road.



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