More Gardai to be deployed to roads policing in Galway

Garda resources to tackle road offences in Galway will be boosted in the coming months.

Chief Superintendent of the Galway garda divison Tom Curley said that more staff are being sought for the Roads Policing Unit in Galway.

He said that drink driving is still a problem in Galway with one case over the Christmas period where a motorist was 6 times over the legal alcohol limit.

There was a 75 per cent increase in fatal car crashes in 2018 and collisions resulting in serious injury increased by a fifth.

Councillor Donagh Killilea asked the garda chief if some of the 228 arrests in the county for drink driving in 2018 were people affected by the reduction in the legal alcohol limit in recent legislation.

Chief Super Curley responded by saying that there are very few ‘hard luck’ stories involving drink drivers and most offenders are hugely over the limit.

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