Moegie and Charity make it back to Council


Moegie and Charity make it back to Council

Two councillors have been elected in the last ten minutes at the Lawn Tennis Club in Salthill.

Independent Councillor James Charity is the fourth councillor to be elected to Athenry/Oranmore while Cllr Michael ‘Moegie’ Maher (FG) took the fourth seat in Loughrea.

Cllr Charity, a barrister who had originally announced his political retirement, changed his mind when he realised nobody would be running in his heartland of Corrandulla. He came first in the 2019 but this time had to wait until Count 6 to cross the line after securing 140 votes from Independent candidate Sean Hehir’s transfers.

There are still three seats left to fill in this electoral area, which already has Fianna Fáil Councillor Albert Dolan, Independent Tomás Grealish and David Collins (FG) elected.

Peter Feeney (FG) still has 315 votes to win from transfers before will make the quota, with the count expected to continue for some hours yet.

Cllr Maher (FG) got 100 votes from the transfers of Cllr Curley in the second count in Loughrea, reflecting the strong town vote for both politicians.

The remaining seat will go to Cllr Ivan Canning (FF), who will have to wait another two counts at least to make up the 336 votes to pass the quota line.

Caption: Newly re-elected Cllr Michael Moegie Maher is congratulated by Ivan Canning at the count centre. Photo: Gerry Stronge.


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