Michael Fahy ‘Strokes’ his way to a woman’s heart!

Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy, pictured here after he was elected to Galway County Council, says he knows the way to a woman’s heart

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He may be Galway County Council’s most eligible bachelor – a friendly farmer with road frontage out near picturesque Ardrahan – but Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy had some sage advice for any would-be Romeos at the latest meeting of the local authority: “If you don’t win the heart of a woman, you don’t win them at all!”

This agony aunt nugget of information from the former Fianna Fáil now Independent County Councillor was dispensed free of charge to his colleagues, bizarrely during a discussion about the Western Rail Corridor. A true romantic, is the Stroke.

Of course, it brought on howls of laughter from fellow County Councillors, who wondered what singleton Michael Fahy knows about wooing a woman.

“I’ve won the hearts of many women,” responded the South Galway Lothario, with the trademark twinkle in his eyes. “Sure, they voted in the ballot box for me!”


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