Meeting with chair of HSE inquiry into death of Savita Halappanavar

Date Published: 15-May-2013

Praveen Halappanavar’s solicitor is to attend a meeting this afternoon with the head of the HSE’s Clinical Review team into his wife’s death.

The meeting between Solicitor Gerard O’Donnell and the HSE inquiry chairman takes place at 4 this afternoon in Merlin Park.

31 year old Savita Halappanavar died at University Hospital Galway on the 28th October last year after suffering a miscarriage, 17 weeks into her pregnancy.

This afternoon’s meeting follows an eight day inquest last month after which the jury returned a verdict of medical misadventure.

A HSE inquiry was set up in the wake of Savita’s death after which a 108 page draft review report was provided to Gerard O’Donnell, Mr. Halappanavar’s solicitor in March.

The final version is expected to be made available in the coming weeks.