Mayor calls for heads to roll after 25-hour A&E nightmare

The Mayor of Galway has called on senior management of University Hospital Galway (UHG) to resign immediately following a nightmare experience in the Emergency Department over Christmas.

He believes the entire hospital needs to be shut down completely and privatised or the system totally revamped from the top down.

Councillor Noel Larkin accompanied a friend who was experiencing pains down his left arm and was feeling dizzy on December 28.

In a lengthy letter to the Galway City Tribune this week, he relates how the pair waited 25 hours – only to be told to go home with a new prescription and wait for an outpatients’ appointment at some time in the future.

The Mayor brought a friend who was experiencing pains down his left arm and was feeling dizzy to Westdoc. Here he was given a letter and told to attend the Emergency Department. By this stage, the man had passed out. The pair presented at the ED at 4pm.

After waiting over three hours, his friend was called by a triage nurse and placed on a trolley in a corridor alongside 18 others on trolleys, with many other patients in obvious pain on chairs. It took another three hours to be seen by a doctor, who advised him that he would have to wait to see a cardiac specialist.

That only happened 12 hours later. It would be 11am the following day when the Mayor’s friend was admitted to a bed in a ward. He underwent stress tests and had bloods taken.

When the cardiologist finally examined him, he was told to go home and await an appointment in outpatients.

The man was charged €1,300 through his private health insurance for use of a bed for six of those hours.

“[Senior management] are obviously incapable of running an organisation of this size,” he fumed.

“The system is at fault, not the nursing staff and doctors. They are trying to do their jobs under impossible conditions. Hospital management are placing obstacles in their way because of their refusal to implement changes to the operational systems.”

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