Marine Institute plans wind turbines for Galway Bay

Spiddal Pier

Three 60 metre-high wind turbines planned for Galway Bay will result in ‘visual intrusion’, its backers have conceded.

The development of turbines off An Spidéal are central to the Marine Institute’s plans to upgrade its offshore marine energy site.

The project, if it is granted a foreshore licence and proceeds, will cost €1 million.

The existing site off Spiddal Pier has been operating for the past ten years and has allowed, “technology innovators to test the viability of small scale prototypes in an ocean environment.”

The proposed generating station will cover 37 hectares where there will be “scaled energy prototypes . . . for up to 35 years”.

There will be no electricity supplied to the national grid but the Marine Institute says the information garnered form this prototype will be used to develop offshore wind farms elsewhere.

The Marine Institute applied to the Department of Environment for a foreshore lease to upgrade the existing site, including building three turbines.

The deadline for submissions from the public has been extended by two weeks to Friday, July 1, after locals made representations to the Department’s foreshore division. Submissions can be made by close of business on that day.

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