Manchester band Hidden Revolution for Galway gig

Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution cite Elbow and the late Jeff Buckley as being among their influences.
Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution cite Elbow and the late Jeff Buckley as being among their influences.

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Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution come to Monroe’s Live on Wednesday next, March 14. The Manchester-based band play songs with big choruses and their influences include Elbow and Jeff Buckley. Their latest single is Got to Get Away and Chris, who plays guitar and sings with the band explains how it came about.

“The way we work as a band is we improvise in the rehearsal room,” he says. “We throw ideas in a pot randomly, then press record on our phones and find something when we get home. A lot of our songs get written by accident.

“I’ve never ever written music with a pen and paper, like sat down with a pen and paper and an acoustic,” continues Chris. “I’ll write from a riff, a drumbeat or a sound and just take it from there.”

He is joined in the band by Ian Sanderson on bass and Jon Clark on drums. How did get to know his bandmates?

“I’ve grown up with Ian since we were four years old,” he says. “We were in bands as kids and stuff, and then he moved to the States for a few years. When he came back we joined up again.

“John was in local bands around here and I always thought ‘I must get him on drums,’” adds Chris.  “He’s from a brass band background as well, he’s very percussive. We’ve been together a few years and we’re very comfortable with each other. No matter what do in the rehearsal room, any silly idea, even if it sounds terrible at the start, we’ll shape it into a song.”

Manchester is a city that is much storied in modern music. Bands like The Smiths, New Order, The Stone Roses and Oasis have all emerged from the northern city. Is there a particular band from his hometown that has had a profound influence on Chris?

“Out of all of them, probably Elbow,” he says. “Again, they’re a bit soundscape-y, they use melodic builds. For the indie Manchester scene, I was in my teenage years when Oasis came out but I was already experiencing grunge before it.  I was being influence by that for a year before Oasis came along.”

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