Man stole TK Maxx shaving set – for a bet!

TK Maxx in Galway

A man who stole a beard shaving set from TK Maxx to win a bet has been given time to pay €200 to the court poor box to avoid a criminal conviction.

Krysztof Lassota (33), 87 Frenchpark, Oranmore, pleaded guilty before Galway District Court this week to stealing a clipper and trimmer set worth €27 from TK Maxx, Bothar na mBan, Galway, on November 8 last year.

Lassota told Judge John King he stole the item to win a bet with his friend.

“You won’t be making stupid bets like that again, will you?,” Judge King asked.

Lassota asked for a chance to pay for the item.

“Well, go down to the shop and buy it,” the judge replied.

He advised Lassota he would not give him a criminal conviction if he paid €200 to the court poor box.  Lassota asked for time to do that.

The judge adjourned the matter to July 23 for the money to be paid into court and indicated he would apply Section 1.1 of the Probation

Act, which does not carry a conviction if the money was paid over.

The judge ruled that if the money was not paid to the poor box, Lassota would be convicted and fined €200 on that date.