Major Carrageen Moss project planned for West Connemara.


Major Carrageen Moss project planned for West Connemara.

Plans are underway that would allow carrageen moss to be farmed in marine based cages on the West Connemara coast.

Carrageen Moss has long been regarded as one of the finest foods in the seashore.

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The health benefits of carrageen moss have long been extolled in Connemara.

It is recognized as having a range of vitamins and minerals that give the body strength and energy; it is particularly noted as an aid for problem chests.

Connemara carrageen is already on sale in many parts of the world and entrepreneur, James O’Keefe, now wants to present a package that is grown, processed and dried in the area.

He says that the clean water of the Atlantic on the western shores of Ireland gives the carrageen a distinction that is unbeatable on the markets.

The process will need to be based in a cage or cages – depending on the growth of the industry- and Bertraghboy Bay in the area between Carna, Roundstone and Cashel is seen a a probable location.

Initially, two people would be employed at sea and another six would be employed in a building such as a factory where the carrageen would be dried and sent to the markets of the world.

Máirtín Ó Catháin for Galway Bay Fm in Connemara.

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