Low uptake on fodder transport scheme

Anne Mitchell: RSS has been a huge success.
Anne Mitchell: RSS has been a huge success.

COMPLETED application forms for the fodder transport subsidy are expected to start trickling through over the coming weeks as many farmers try to source silage locally, according to new IFA Chairperson Anne Mitchell.

She told the Farming Tribune that she was aware that some farmers with fodder shortage concerns were still in the process of preparing their applications for the transport subsidy.

“Where possible, farmers are trying to source fodder locally where they will have a better idea of what they are getting while farmers are also ‘stretching out’ their silage reserves with the greater use of meal.

“Where farmers feel that they will be facing into a shortfall of silage, we would certainly advise them to get in touch with their local co-op or local Teagasc office to get paperwork complete,” said Anne Mitchell.

She said that there was a certain concern among farmers about buying in silage as they could only find out about the quality ‘when the bags were opened’.

Farmers applying for the fodder transport subsidy of €12 per bale have to source their bales from a distance of over 100km away (62 miles).

They also have to meet the conditions of the scheme that involves the documentation of their fodder shortage by Teagasc.

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