Local car enthusiasts sought for new show

American car enthusiast Andy Vitek who will be shooting an episode of his YouTube show in Galway next month for which he is seeking contribution from local exotic car owners.

Andy Vitek is an American with a dream. He has been racing, restoring and collecting cars for over 30 years and has hosted, and appeared on, national radio programmes, as well as an entire season of Speed TV.

Now he is looking to break in to the world of online filming, with plans to start his own Youtube channel, Turn 1 – and he is looking for help from the people of Galway.

Andy and his crew are travelling to Galway to attend a wedding from July 13-16. The four man team feel as though they cannot pass up the opportunity to shoot an episode of their show this side of the pond, taking in some of the West of Ireland’s most awe-inspiring scenery, as well seeing what the people of Galway look for in their cars.

While they have a bit of work to do before they reach the level of popularity of the stars of The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond and May, with a passion and drive like Vitek’s, the sky’s the limit.

Filming is expected to take two hours, with Andy and his team keen to find three local car enthusiasts with exotic or interesting cars to be stars in the episode.

Andy is hoping to share his love for cars and some of the tricks of the trade that he has learned over the past 30 years with his viewers.

The first episode will be available in July with the Galway episode expected to follow in August. While it may only be early days for this fledgling show, Andy has a clear vision in mind of how it will run.

“We will be reviewing cars, interviewing individuals and providing fix-it videos as well. We would like to feature Ireland’s classic and exotic cars and have as many as we can on a scenic road for a drive followed by our drone,” he said.

Andy will be happy to discuss dates, times, and any other queries participants may have.

■ Anyone interested in partaking in this project can contact Andy via email at; zurg98@verizon.net.