LISTEN: Call for tougher approach to public drinking in city as good weather continues

Galway Bay fm newsroom – As the good weather continues, the City Council and Gardai are being urged to take a tougher approach to public drinking.
Huge numbers of people have flocked to public spaces such as Spanish Arch and Claddagh Quay in recent days to soak up the sun – many of them with alcohol in tow.
Some argue that it’s a harmless indulgence during a rare spell of hot weather.
However, others believe the high tolerance of public drinking is a uniquely Irish phenomenon and sets a terrible example.
Grievances include high levels of litter, public urination and loud behavior that might discourage tourists from iconic public areas such as the Claddagh.
Our reporter David Nevin has been speaking to Councillor Collette Connolly about public drinking and what she believes should be done: