I have to let rip during my manic upswing!

Charlie Adley
Charlie Adley

Double Vision with Charlie Adley

To best appreciate this week’s colyoom I suggest you swallow a spoonful of boogie woogie yahoo tincture, as I’m enjoying what I reckon is a minor manic upswing, after months of that low-level depression I’ve been scribbling about.

This upswing business is pretty amazing. A pumping living energy seemingly separate inside me, it lifts my chest up to the sky, injects my body with vitality and fills my brain with possibilities.

Hmm, maybe this one’s not so minor. It’s difficult to judge accurately when you’re trying to diagnose your own brain.

Usually sleep is my Achilles heel. If I lose a few hours I’m nasty and useless, but recently I’ve been waking up at five in the morning, which for a 57 year-old man is not remarkable. All us middle aged blokes need our nocturnal micturations, but rather than going straight off to sleep again, I’m hitting the mattress with my mental surfboard riding the back of a 40 foot breaking wave.

Thoughts cascade and crash around as I’m lying there, working on my breathing, IN like SOOO … OUT like EHHH … and then the thoughts flood back and after failing to swamp their insistence by reading, I give up on bed and head to the living room, to do back stretches in the dark.

Point is, I’m sitting here after three nights of this nonsense and I feel great.

As we Londoners say: well odd. Experience has taught me to be a little suspicious, because as we know, when it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Doubtless there’s a mood collapse awaiting me out there, but what a waste of an exceptional opportunity it’d be to tinkle-tonkle around my mania on tiptoes.

There’s no point in living with the dark times unless you let rip in the upswing.

So this week’s colyoom comes to you from the  Ministry of Multi-tasking’s Department of Stress   Management.

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, volume one of Multitasking for Men is called ‘Me Hole – We Do It All The Time!’

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