Leinster students ‘go West’ for university

Students at NUI Galway. (File photo)

More and more students from the east of the country are contemplating ‘going West’ for a university education.

NUI Galway’s Spring Open Day in 2018 attracted a 24% increase in attendance of prospective students who are from Leinster.

That’s according to the minutes of an NUIG Governing Body meeting where tributes were paid to the Marketing and Communications staff, whose work across the university led to the unit involved being shortlisted for an education award.

At the same meeting it was noted that there was “encouraging growth in international applications to postgraduate programmes” at NUIG.

During a separate meeting, but discussing the same topic of “postgraduate university internationalisation ambitions” one member of the Governing Body stressed “that both western and eastern markets should be actively explored for non-EU student applications and that better supports be put in place to assist with the integration of such students within the university community”.

The member “felt that more industry placements should be made available as part of postgraduate study programmes in the university and suggested that the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development needed to be better connected across academic units in the university”.

The Vice-President for Student Experience “urged the need for a university mindset that regarded international students as seven-day student”.