Land is soaked after wet Summer

Brendan Geraghty: Land saturated after five wet months in a row.
Brendan Geraghty: Land saturated after five wet months in a row.

IT may not turn out to be one our really wet years but the Summer and Autumn of 2017 could break some records for the consistency of its rainfall.

A very dry first five months to the year has been followed by a corresponding period of wetness that began last June and continued through to the end of October.

Abbeyknockmoy weather recorder, Brendan Geraghty, said that the five months period from June 1 to October 31, had delivered just over 21 inches of rainfall.

By contrast, the first five months of 2017 from January 1 to May 31, was a good bit drier than average with Brendan Geraghty only collecting 12.31 inches of rainfall.

“The dry start to the year will probably mean that overall 2017 will not be a particularly wet year but what has done the real damage is that we have now gone through five wet months in a row.

“Those wet months came at the time of year, when we expected to get at least some dry periods through the Summer and Autumn periods. It’s a long time since I’ve seen land as wet,” said Brendan Geraghty.

While his rainfall figures for any individual month of the past five have not been spectacularly high, the damage has been done with ‘steadily high’ levels of precipitation through from June to October.

He recorded 4.26 inches of rainfall in the month of October just gone by; nearly 5 inches in September; almost four inches in August; 3.75 inches in July and 4.15 inches in June.

“We certainly seem to be on course for a very set second half to the year, and for many farmers, the winter feeding season has started way earlier than normal and that will put pressure on silage and fodder reserves.

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