Judge witnesses ‘miracle’ in Galway courtroom

A District Court judge has her suspicions about a Romanian man’s purported disabilities after she saw him jump up suddenly last Monday in court, run forward and swivel his head to check the time on a clock perched high on the courtroom wall.

Ioan Radu (53), with an address at 119 Meadowbrook, Gort, who appears bent over and uses a crutch to get around, appeared in custody before Galway District Court on Wednesday.

He had been arrested that morning and taken into custody after he breached the terms of bail granted to him by the court last July. Inspector Brendan Carroll applied to have the accused remanded in custody.

The court heard Radu had two summonses pending before the court for obstructing passersby while begging at Quay Street on November 2 last year and again on June 29 last and had been granted bail on July 15 on condition he stay out of Galway City.

However, he was stopped by Gardaí in the city on July 27 and again on August 23 and was subsequently charged with begging on August 23.

Defence solicitor Olivia Traynor said she had explained the consequences of breaching bail conditions to her client and he would now undertake to stay away from Galway. She added her client had medical difficulties.

“I’m curious about his medical conditions. He was in court on Monday and I saw him jump up and run up here, swivel his head and read the time. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

“He didn’t seem to have any disability then. I do not say this lightly but if he is putting forward to the court that he has medical conditions, then I want to see a medical report to support that,” the judge said.

“The nearer he comes to the bench, the more debilitated he seems to be,” judge Fahy added.

Hearing that Gardaí found Radu in the city at 9am one day, in breach of his bail, the judge said she wanted to know what he was doing in the city at that hour as he would have had to travel from Gort.

Judge Fahy remanded Radu in custody to appear before the court next Wednesday. She said she wanted to see a medical report if he had disabilities produced in court then.