Intrepid Donal brings Curly Organ Project to Róisín

Donal McConnon - one of Galway's most creative musical figures.
Donal McConnon - one of Galway's most creative musical figures.

The Curly Organ Project – the brainchild of Donal McConnon – comes to Róisín Dubh on Wednesday, July 19, with another gig the following week. So far this month, the My Fellow Sponges singer has released two EPs, with two more to come.

The first EP is called Cómo Usar los Cubiertos, which translates as How to Use cutlery. It opens with a track where a man called Doheyong Kim leaves Donal a voicemail, recounting his experience of living in North Korea. The message is played over music that Donal composed. It’s unusual – but anyone who has seen My Fellow Sponges play will know to expect the unexpected from McConnon.

Ophelia is a lovely track, underpinned by the subtle rhythms of David Shaughnessy, who plays with Grounds For Invasion, Steven Sharpe & The Broke Straight Boys and My Fellow Sponges.  Proof that a good drummer is always in demand!

Livin’ Is Tough sees Donal show his chops as a songwriter and evokes the work of the excellent, eccentric American songwriter Devendra Barnhart. It segues into I Know It Well, which is just Donal and his guitar, and epitomises the DIY nature of The Curly Organ – the four EPs were mostly written, mixed and performed by Donal in his Galway City apartment.

It’s worth finding out where this project will go next and admission is just €5.