How to put more pep in your step

Lifestyle with Judy Murphy

Lions rugby coach Warren Gatland claims it helps him avoid getting flu and jet lag, Tracy Piggott extols its energy-giving properties and says her nails and hair have taken on a new life since she started taking it.

Closer to home, Oranmore woman Genevieve Joyce describes how Revive Active has restored her energy after a period of illness – the result of two operations and three anaesthetics in the space of six months.

The product these people credit with transforming their lives is a health food supplement that was developed here in Galway just a couple of years ago.

Revive Active, a water-soluble powder which comes in a daily sachet consists of 26 active ingredients from L- arginine to vitamins B, CD and K as well as selenium, magnesium, and Coenzyme Q10.  All of these have proven health benefits and are combined in this formula so that these benefits are maximised.

Revive Active is stocked in pharmacies and health shops nationwide, and its owners plan to break it into the UK and European market in the near future.

In fact, Revive Active is already available in a number of pharmacies in London, says the company’s Managing Director Daithi O’Connor, who is just back from attending CAM, a major expo for complementary and natural healthcare at that city’s Earls Court.

For a company that was set up in 2011 – in a grim financial climate – Revive Active is forging ahead. Just recently Supermac’s founder Pat McDonagh came on board as a major investor. The Supermac’s connection with a health supplement may seem a little incongruous, but not so, says Daithi who feels having someone of Pat McDonagh’s stature involved will help with negotiations on the company’s future development.

By 2015 they expect to have a turnover of five million and several new products, which are currently in development. The immediate task is growing the Revive Active brand.

“If we can replicate what we are doing in Galway nationally and internationally it will be a success,” says Daithi.  Going on their results so far, the omens are good.

As Daithi points out, Revive Active is run by Irish people, and employs six workers here in Galway as well as several others in Dundalk where the product is manufactured and in Dublin, where the boxes are made.

Daithi worked in the corporate world of finance before getting involved in developing Revive Active. His interest was piqued initially when a client gave him a health supplement one day which had been made in the US and contained the amino acid L-arginine.

This is produced in the body, but sometimes people can become deficient in L-arginine, which is important for health, and particularly for heart and vascular health.

“I took it and found it beneficial,” says Daithi of the product. “I had more energy and more clarity and focus. It’s hard to put a finger on it but problem solving became easier and my memory was better. I figured if it was good for me, it would be good for everybody.”

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