Horror attack on city street

A man who punched, kicked and stamped on a terminally ill and defenceless man before being stopped by onlookers from throwing him into the city canal, has been jailed for five years with the final year suspended.

The family of the late Frank Kavanagh, a native of Bohermore, clapped and cheered as his attacker, Paul McDonagh (36), originally from 60 Innishannagh Park, Galway, with a more recent address at Riverside, was led away in handcuffs from Galway Circuit Criminal Court.

McDonagh had pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Kavanagh, causing him harm at Raven Terrace, Galway on September 5 last year.

Sgt. Paul Duane told the court he received a report that Mr Kavanagh had been knocked unconscious following an attack.

Eye witnesses told him they saw McDonagh punch Mr Kavanagh once into the face, knocking him to the ground.  He then repeatedly kicked and stamped on Mr Kavanagh as he lay on the ground.

McDonagh then picked Mr Kavanagh up and witnesses said they thought he was going to throw him into the canal but they shouted at him that they were going to call the Gardai.

McDonagh then released his grip on Mr Kavanagh who landed, face first, on the ground.  McDonagh and others he was with at the time then walked off.

One eye witness dialled 999 and followed the accused, later pointing him out to Gardai.

Garda Nicola Browne cautioned McDonagh who replied: “Some guy came up to me, hassling me, and I decked him.”

Mr Kavanagh spent four weeks in the Intensive Care Unit at UHG before he passed away on October 3 last year.


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