Holiday apartments set to be sold as private homes

The Threadneedle Court development in Salthill.

The way has been paved for the sale of a block of holiday apartments – at one of Galway’s most expensive property locations – to be sold as private homes.

Galway City Council has approved a planning application for the eight holiday apartments at Threadneedle Court on Threadneedle Road in Salthill to be used as private residences.

Planners said that because the original planning permission for the apartments was for private residential use, there would be no objection to the change of use.

Receivers Declan Taite and Anne O’Dwyer had taken control of certain assets of the Model Investment Partnership, which held the Threadneedle Court development since it was built by a connected company, the Kenny Group, in 2004/5.

The receivers told planners they had an “urgent sale agreed” on the site – which includes eight apartments, two double garages and a long rear garden and required the change of use.

According to the receivers, the development was initially designed and permitted as private residential dwelling units and was later converted to holiday apartments.

“Both national and local policy recognises that private residential units are a scarce resource, which need to be managed in a sustainable manner so that the housing needs of the city are met.

“In contrast, it is noted that there has been a significant increase in the number of holiday homes in Galway City. It is further observed that there are a number of B&Bs located along Threadneedle Road, in addition to larger hotel developments such as the Salthill Hotel and Galway Bay Hotel located nearby, which already provide a significant offer of holiday accommodation.

“The proposed development will create a much more efficient use of the property . . . and will assist Galway City Council in meeting its commitment to provide for residential development,” the application read.