High-flying city show in store from Jealous of the Birds

Jealous of The Birds is the stage name of singer/songwriter Naomi Hamilton. The County Armagh native plays upstairs in Róisín Dubh this Friday, May 11, and will be showcasing the impressive bunch of songs she’s been building up over the past few years.

Her debut album, Parma Violets, was released in 2016 and is worth seeking out. It shows the lo-fi, punk and grunge genres she cites an influence, and it is very listenable to indeed.  You can also hear the folk inflections of Laura Marling, Cat Power and The Moldy Peaches in Hamilton’s songs.

Released in 2017, the single Mrs Dalloway is inspired by the Virginia Woolf novel of the same name.  Hamilton’s deft touch with a melody can be heard here again. After a few listens to Jealous of The Birds, it becomes apparent that the buzz that has been building around the album is justified.  Hamilton’s work is very accessible, while also being clever and knowing.

‘Could I be any more hipster?’ she sings at one point.  Things like going to Berlin and frequenting parties are mentioned, and electronica runs through many of the tracks. So, there’s a lot going in this music – but it goes from being subtle to clubby, which makes for a listening experience that’s far from dull.

Great stuff. Expect to see Hamilton playing much bigger rooms in the near future.

Tickets €10.