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Hero to the rescue in near-drowning drama


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Hero to the rescue in near-drowning drama Hero to the rescue in near-drowning drama

A good Samaritan saved a foreign student from certain drowning after he was overcome with cold water shock in Salthill — on the hottest day of the year so far.

Fergal Hynes from Knocknacarra had just finished his swim and was leaving the Blackrock diving tower area on Monday, when temperatures soared to 22 degrees.

He turned back when he heard a woman in her 60s screaming that someone was in trouble in the water, recalled his wife Mary.

“Fergal looked out and saw there was a young man, early 20s, about 10 metres out from the shore. He was struggling and starting to sink below water surface.

“Fergal quickly undressed and dove in to rescue the man. The young man struggling in the water was giving up and had sunk below the surface.

“Fergal is an excellent swimmer but is not a lifeguard. Fergal was aware how to rescue someone in trouble in the water, without putting either one of them in further danger.”

The hero brought the young man ashore and learned that he was a Brazilian and an English student at the Galway Business School in Salthill.

He revealed that that he had gone into cold water shock and froze in the water.

“He said he was used to swimming in warm water of south Atlantic at Brazil and wasn’t prepared for the temperature. I feel it is essential to raise awareness of this event as this could happen again,” states Mary.

“If it had not been for Fergal’s quick thinking and bravery to rescue this young man, there would have been a very sad headline today in the news.

“Fergal put himself at risk saving this young man, thank God it worked out this time, but I feel the public should be made aware of the cold water shock and how to handle these emergency events.”


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