Healthy future looks assured for innovative Galway firm

Daithi O'Connor, Managing Director, Revive Active, with products for shipping out from the warehouse. Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy.
Daithi O'Connor, Managing Director, Revive Active, with products for shipping out from the warehouse. Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy.

Lifestyle – Judy Murphy talks to founder Daithi O’Connor about the phenomenal success of his Revive health products

It was like spinning plates for a while, and it’s still the same but there are fewer plates,” says Daithi O’Connor of Revive Active, the Galway company which has become synonymous with high-end health supplements since its original Revive product came on the market in 2011.

It might have been launched in the middle of a recession but Revive Active is growing up to be a remarkably healthy company. In the past five years, it has launched four more products, the most recent being the brain supplement Mastermind. It’s currently expanding into the United States and research into new supplements is ongoing, so to an outsider it looks like there are still lots of plates whizzing about.

Daithi, however, is a man who takes such juggling in his stride and has been since the company was founded.

The original Revive Active, which contains 26 active ingredients, from L- argenine to vitamins B, CD and K as well as selenium, magnesium, and Coenzyme Q10, proved to be a big hit with customers.  Those ingredients have proven health benefits and the formula is mixed in such a way that they work together to maximise their benefits, he explains.

But even as Revive won a loyal fanbase, Daithi, who was previously employed in the world of corporate finance, had his eye on the bigger picture.

“Revive was one product but I saw us with a suite of products,” he says.  That’s exactly what’s been happening.

From the beginning, Daithi was in partnership with Liam Salmon, who comes from a science background. Liam had a 20-year career in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, including with Boston Scientific.

A couple of years ago, Pat McDonagh of Supermac’s came on board as an investor. The notion of a fast-food king joining forces with a company devoted to health-food supplements might have seemed unusual, but it made sense, as he offered invaluable experience in business negotiations for Revive’s future growth, Daithi explained at the time.

Daniel Jones, meanwhile, joined the company as Director of Research and Development. Daniel who has a PhD in physiology from UCD, and has done post-doctoral research in food and health, works with researchers in universities and hospitals on an ongoing basis to formulate new products that meet customers’ needs.

Such intensive research allows Revive to raise the bar on new supplements, Daithi explains.

“We want people to know if we are looking at a new product, we are looking at every other product on the market in the US and in Europe.”

The company’s more recent supplements include Revive Active Joint Complex. Its ingredients include 5,000 grams of marine collagen, 2,000 grams of Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM), 1,000 grams of glucosamine sulphate and 100 grams of hyaluronic acid. These are mixed with elements including manganese, copper, boron and Vitamins D and C in a formula that’s designed to repair and regenerate collagen and cartilage, and to increase synovial fluid which keeps joints lubricated.

“When synovial fluid decreases or when cartilage goes, you get friction in the joints and that can be painful. This lubricates the joints and tackles that,” Daithi says of the supplement.

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