Greens spark nostalgia of Fat Frogs in the Hole!

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Having a rough day? Well here’s a photograph of the Galway Green Party’s finest, Pauline O’Reilly and Martina O’Connor, who were recently selected to run in next May’s local elections in Galway City West and Galway City Central wards respectively.

They’re holding mugs with the phrase ‘THINK GREEN, DRINK GREEN’ on the side, which should spark happy memories of the good old days as a third level student drinking Fat Frogs (a green coloured concoction made from three alcopops: Orange Bacardi Breezer, WKD Blue and Smirnoff Ice) in the back bar of the Hole in the Wall pub on Eyre Street with DJ Raff blaring the Pogues’ classic ‘Fairytale of New York’.

If reminiscing about that doesn’t fill you with cheer, the fact that the Greens have two women on the ballot paper – when the traditional parties have mostly or all male candidates – should bring a smile to your face.

Just one of Fianna Fáil’s declared candidates for next May’s election to Galway City Council is a woman; and Fine Gael truly is the party of the male, because it hasn’t been able, yet, to attract one woman to run for the party in any of the three city wards. And the Greens didn’t even need a gender quota to reach 100% mná on their election line-up.

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