Great music in Áras in aid of the Simon Community

Singer-songwriter Eoin Dolan from Galway City will headline the Aras concert with his band.
Singer-songwriter Eoin Dolan from Galway City will headline the Aras concert with his band.

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Áras na nGael will host a night of original music in aid of the Simon Community this Monday, December 18. Songwriter Eoin Dolan from Renmore in Galway City, will headline the evening with his band and support will come from Kieran O’Brien.

The idea for the gig came to Eoin because he wanted to play on what he calls ‘the Galway mainland.’ His most recent album Ubique was launched in September at the Notions festival on the Aran island of Inis Oírr.  It follows Eoin’s self-titled debut album which was released last year and is an enthralling collection whose highlights include songs like Caesar’s Palace and Spain.

“The first album I did was just a collection of songs, which is the usual standard for someone starting out. It’s like a ‘best of’ of your stuff so far,” Eoin says. “With Ubique I wanted to do something a bit different, and I was really interested in the work of [science fiction writer] Philip K Dick.”

Ubique is a concept album that follows a space traveller as he moves from planet to planet.

“It’s basically a sci-fi inspired record, it’s a bit out there!” Eoin says.

A bit, but not too much – Eoin Dolan can write hooks. Ubique has songs that stick in your head, tunes that are hummable and an overall ambience that draws you in.

“I wanted to have good songs, proper songs, so it wasn’t too wishy-washy or self-indulgent,” Eoin says. “I wanted to have a record that sounded good, an album where people could pick out a song and still enjoy it.

“I started writing some political stuff around that time, but I had to shelve because it was too depressing,” he says of the recording period. “But I wanted to take some of those themes and put them in a different space.”

Crater of My Heart is a standout track from Ubique and Eoin explains its background.

“It’s part of the journey that the character is going on. He’s out there in the middle of nowhere, and he’s thinking about home. Although he’s in the middle of space, he can still have a place for a loved one.”

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