Go far quickly and creep back home!

Charlie Adley

Double Vision with Charlie Adley

It’s that utterly soul-destroying moment when you’ve far to go, yet find yourself stuck behind a car that brakes as each car passes on the other side of the road.

I learned to drive in London and find the roads of the west of Ireland a doddle, so I’ve little reason for road rage. Oh, except for the ones who take three years to turn right into their own driveway; they do it to me every time.

This slamming on the brakes whenever a car passes stuff is only acceptable from overseas drivers, who’ve never seen Irish roads. This guy driving his metallic silver hatchback in front of me is evidently a tourist, but he’s also a Dub, who’s only now found reason to venture west of the Shannon.

“It’s a bloody main road!” I scream out loud alone, safe in my private metal shell. “There’s bloody white lines for god’s sake. Think this is narrow, idiot? Oh ho ho, you wait!”

Purposefully ignoring the way all us other drivers are not at all dead, or intent on driving into each others’ cars, yer man admirably concentrates on keeping his two kids and wife alive as long as possible.

If this was America he could get nicked. Slow driving is incredibly dangerous and recognised as a crime over there.

Yeh but I’ll get there and all is good.

Slow down Adley.

The day before last weekend’s Bank Holiday I packed blue bag and catapulted myself far away.

That was the essence of my cunning plan. Go far quickly and then creep closer to Galway.

Another kingdom, my friend Angel’s home in Kerry offers me sanctuary, peace and serenity, tea and talk.

In between long comfortable silences, borne by years of friendship, I’m ranting and he’s listening. That’s the way it is today.

More tea.

To read Charlie’s column in full, please see this week’s Galway City Tribune.

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