Garda chief: ‘Galway busking bylaws will be low on policing priority’

Chief Supt Tom Curley.

Galway City Tribune – The region’s top Garda has cast doubt on the new busking bylaws, warning councillors that a lot more discussion was needed before they could be enforced.

Chief Superintendent Tom Curley told a City Joint Policing Committee meeting that he had indicated before the alcohol bylaws were passed that they were going to be “very, very difficult to enforce”.

“I have to prioritise more serious issues. At times, drinking at the Spanish Arch is very low down in priority. Same as the busking.

“We’ll have to sit down and have a memorandum with the Council. I definitely think there’s more talking needed for those [busking] bylaws.”

Gary McMahon, Acting Director of Services for Economic, Community and Cultural Development, Environment and Climate Change and Communications, told the Galway City Tribune his department is currently finalising arrangements for the implementation of the busking bylaws passed in May.
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