Galway’s dairymen survived brunt of Emma

Charlie Whiriskey: A late Spring in prospect.
Charlie Whiriskey: A late Spring in prospect.

IT was a tough week for dairy farmers in Galway but they managed to survive Storm Emma without any milk having to be poured down the drain.

Galway IFA Dairy Representative, Charlie Whiriskey, said that although parts of the county did experience heavy snowfalls, it didn’t compare with the extremes of more eastern counties.

“At the end of the day, all of the dairy farmers in the county – as far as we can ascertain – did manage to get their cows milked and get their milk moved onto the co-ops.

“One of the main worries for dairy farmers during conditions like we had last week would be very low temperatures causing pipes to freeze.

“But thankfully, we generally escaped that scenario in Galway with the milking parlours staying in operation through the course of last week while collections also went ahead,” said Charlie Whiriskey.

However, he did point out that the heavy volume of snow that fell, was a major setback in terms of farmers being able to get animals out from the sheds and into the fields.

“In the run-up to Storm Emma, we did have very good drying and farmers were looking forward to getting stock back out onto the land and also in spreading fertiliser.

“But last week’s weather has put back the Spring by about two weeks and it will also increase pressure on farmers as regards dwindling fodder supplies. We still have a tough few weeks to come,” he said.

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