Galway TD tells Dáil of ‘untold anger’ over rural broadband blackspots

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A Galway TD has told the Dáil of the ‘untold anger’ being experienced across rural Ireland due to inexcusable small gaps in broadband service.
Deputy Sean Canney told the chamber that even in areas where high speed internet has already been introduced – black spots remain an issue.
He said it’s not unusual to find rural roads where the majority of households have broadband while a few homes in the middle have no service.
The Independent deputy says any contract awarded to rollout high-speed broadband nationwide should make the filling in of these gaps an absolute priority.
Speaking in the Dáil, Deputy Canney argued that the issue is dividing communties.
Deputy Canney says filling in these gaps should be the first priority under the national rollout of high-speed broadband