Galway man stars in new cinema campaign for Agri Aware

Kevim campaign.

A Galway dairy farmer has traded in his work boots for dress shoes this week for the launch of his big screen debut.

Kevin Moran of Caherlistrane will be staring in the new Agri Aware ad campaign that looks to showcase the role the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) plays in everyday life in Ireland.

“It is aimed at the general public and is trying to address the misperception there is out there about the common agricultural policy and what it is,” said Kevin.

“It is an investment to food security, an investment to rural communities all around Europe. That is what the ad shows, all the different industries and careers that are supported by CAP.”

Kevin, who is very much involved in the rural youth organisation, Macra na Feirme, was approached by Agri Aware after the organisation recommended him for the role of the farmer.

“It was all new to me,” said Kevin. “It is not something you would think you would have to contend with when you are getting into farming, but it was great.”

In keeping with the demanding agricultural lifestyle, the Agri Aware film crew arrived in Caherlistrane at 5:30am one morning to begin shooting.

“The guys in the filming crew made me feel really comfortable and at ease,” said Kevin. “Once they arrived and I saw how easy going they were it was grand, any anxiety was gone straight away.”

Although starring in an ad campaign was way out in left-field for the Galway dairy farmer, Kevin enjoyed the experience.

“The crew were very patient, very facilitating and in the end it was good fun; we had a laugh.”

The new CAP advertising campaign #ManyHatsOneCAP highlights the wide range of characters that play a vital role in Ireland’s rural landscape, from farmers, vets and chefs to agricultural researchers.

For many who have no experience with farming, the advertisement campaign offers an insight into rural life and how it impacts every part of Irish society.

The #ManyHatsOneCAP ad campaign was launched at a VIP screening in Dublin this week, with RTÉ broadcaster Marty Morrissey as MC.

The campaign will be running for the duration of April and you will be able to see Kevin grace the screen in cinemas and on television – but not at the expense of his farming duties anytime soon!