Galway In Time Gone By – A browse through the archives of the Connacht Tribune.


Manhunt in the mountains
Three weeks ago, a man named Thomas Lydon, Carraroe, was waylaid by two men and brutally assaulted. In consequence of information received, the police endeavoured to arrest two men – a father and his son.

Both men had, however, disappeared, and a thorough search was immediately organised. It was thought that both men were in hiding in the Connemara mountains, but a rumour having reached the local police sergeant, he wired to Queenstown.

The reply informed him that the son had just sailed for America, and that the authorities at New York had been requested to deport him on the arrival of the vessel. In the meantime, the Costello police vigorously pursued the search for the old man among the mountains and bogs.
Last Friday, when they were almost giving up the search, they succeeded in arresting the father in the vicinity of his own house. On the same day, Sergt. Gilleese and Constable Boyd proceeded to Queenstown to take charge of the younger man. Both have been remanded to the Costello Petty Sessions.


Making an example
“I am hearing of larceny of turf from Poolboy Bog since I came here,” said Mr. W.P. Cahill, D.J., at Ballinasloe District Court, “and I had long since intended to make an example of somebody by sending the culprits to prison,” he added, when two boys were before him charged with the larceny of turf from this bog.

A 14 year-old was fined 20s and 5s costs, while an 18 year old at the same address was fined 5s. He dismissed the summons against the boys’ parents and guardians, but he added that it would be the last time, as he was tired and sick of hearing about the thefts of turf from this bog.

Guard B. Kelly, who got complaints about the missing turf, proved the offences. He lay in ambush for some hours in the bog and saw the boys coming along with bags of turf.

Superintendent Dunphy said he believed the whole trouble regarding the larcenies was due to the lack of parental control.

CYMS success
A report from Tuam says that the Catholic Young Men’s Society is making rapid headway in the Archdiocese. This is heartening news. Up to Christmas last, there were only five branches, but since then branches have been formed in Milltown, Cortoon, Ballyhaunis, Ballybary, Abbey and in Recess, Connemara. Last Sunday, branches were opened in Skehana and Monivea.

Busy fairs
Buyers from all over Ireland attended the April fairs held in Galway on Tuesday and Wednesday. The fairs were the biggest seen in Galway for a number of years. Despite the large amount of stock which was on offer, there was a very early clearance. The pig and sheep fair was held on Tuesday and buying began as early as four o’clock in the morning. The greater portion of the stock on offer was cleared as early as six o’clock in the morning.

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