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Boarding-out kids

The suggestion that a ladies’ committee should be elected to supervise and control the boarding-out of poor children, compelled to seek a home at the expense of the rates, was made by Miss Fitzgerald-Kenny, L.G.B. Inspector, in a report read at a meeting of Galway Board of Guardians.

Miss Kenny said there were no children at present boarded-out within the limits of the Union, the reason being the difficulty of finding foster parents to take charge of children at home.

This seemingly insuperable obstacle would be overcome if an energetic boarding-out committee of ladies were appointed to seek out foster homes and selected the child suitable for each.

Boarding-out beyond the Union was strongly advocated by all who were familiar with this means of dealing with workhouse children; by it, the children were removed from contact with undesirable or worthless relations, and were set free from all connection with the workhouse.

At the same time, delicate children might thrive in the home Union, especially when healthy seaside homes were to be found. Referring to the difficulty of boarding-out children of 15 and upwards away from the Union, Miss Kenny said that Father Conway, P.P., Glenamaddy, had told her that he had received a good deal of trouble in this connection.


Galway break Kerry bogey

In an amazing game with an even more amazing climax, Galway footballers on Sunday won for the third time for their county, the Blue Riband of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

The game was remarkable not only by reason of the fact that it was the first occasion on which Kerry were defeated in a replayed All-Ireland final, or by reason of the fact that Galway won against the run of play, but also for the fact that before the end, the pitch was invaded by Galway and Kerry supporters alike to congratulate Galway on their victory.

The crowd, thinking that the game was over when the referee, Mr. Peter Waters, sounded his whistle for a free to Kerry, rushed on to the field. The field had to be cleared, and then it was discovered that only three of the Kerry players were left on the pitch with the Galway men.

The Kerry team were recalled, but it was stated that many of the players, believing that the game was over, had already left Croke Park and were on their way to their hotel in the city.

The game finished Galway 2-4 to Kerry 0-7.

Galway: Goal: J. McGauran. Backs: M. Connaire (full); M. Raftery (right); D. O’Sullivan (left. Half-backs: R. Beggs (centre); F. Cunniffe (right); C. Connolly (left). Midfield: J. Dunne (Capt.); J. Burke. Wings: J. Flavin (right); M. Higgins (left). Forwards: R. Griffin (centre); M. Kelly (full); E. Mulholland (right); B. Nestor (left). Subs: M. Ryder; P. McDonagh.

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