Galway In Days Gone By

They're off . . . Determination on the faces of the competitors in one of the races at Castleblakeney Sports in May 1969.
They're off . . . Determination on the faces of the competitors in one of the races at Castleblakeney Sports in May 1969.


Tuam Co-Op opposed

The projected formulation of a co-operative stores in Tuam is likely to lead to a split in the ranks of the Trades’ Council recently formed in the town. A meeting of the Trades’ Council was held a fortnight ago at which delegates were present from the Teachers’ Organisation, the Irish Transport Workers’ Union, the Grocers’ Assistants’ Association, and the Drapers’ Assistants’ Association.

Mr. R. Walsh, N.T., presided, and a report was given to the Press stating that the following resolution was passed unanimously at the meeting: – “That it is our desire to encourage and support a bona-fide scheme for the establishment of co-operative stores in this town.”

Following this Mr. H. Connolly and Mr. P. Crean, president and secretary, respectively, of the Grocers’ Assistants’ Association write to say that they were present at the meeting and “never heard of such a resolution being proposed, and even if it were they would oppose it as being against their own and their employers’ interests.”

Labour Day

Labour Day was observed in Gort in holiday fashion. No shops were opened and all business was suspended. Mills were closed, and in a majority of cases farming operations were suspended.

The Railway men were at work as usual, but no trains ran. Early in the morning, some picketing was done, but this became unnecessary after a short time.

Produce entering the market was commandeered and sold to the poor at a reasonable charge. Farmers offering turf for sale were disagreeably surprised to find their supply taken over and handed to the poor at about half the current price.

Bolshevik propaganda

Under the heading: “A strange Evangel. Ireland’s Russian Ally!” last week’s “Irish Catholic” formulates a vigorous indictment of the Bolshevist propaganda in western countries “in furtherance of what is called the Socialist or Communist Commonwealth.”

“It is hardly necessary we imagine”, says our contemporary, “to recall the fact that the dangers which are now threatening the social and economic life of this and other European countries formed the subject of grave warnings by the Irish Bishops in their Lenten Pastorals.”

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