Galway In Days Gone By

Youngsters pictured after their Confirmation in Gort in 1967.
Youngsters pictured after their Confirmation in Gort in 1967.


Political situation

Recent bye-elections prove that the present Coupon Lloyd George Government has not the confidence of the country. If a General Election took place now the Government would be replaced by a Labour or Liberal Administration.

For that very reason the opportunity will not be given to the country. Mr. Lloyd George will hold on for another session at least, and probably for two. The Tories, who form the great majority in the House of Commons, will rather agree to pass democratic measures than go to the country.

There are big democratic measures to be passed, and to these measures to be passed and to these measures the Coupon Government are pledged.

The Tories may wriggle and delay, but in the end they will give way rather than “face the music.” Still circumstances may arise which would compel the Government’s resignation and in any case it would be well to prepare for the event.

It is quite possible that the Irish question may precipitate the Election.

Split allegiances?

A lively discussion took place at the G.A.A. Congress in Dublin on Sunday on the subject of Civil Servants and the Oath of Allegiance, and in the end it was decided to endorse the action of the Central Council. This means that civil servants who have taken the oath cease to be members of the Association.

The Chairman, Alderman James Nolan (Kilkenny), said the business was consideration of the Central Council’s report with reference to the civil servants. He referred the meeting to the decision that had been come to at their last assembly.

They decided that no matter what a man did for the Association, the moment he took the oath of allegiance he ceased or should cease to be a member.

The Council only followed out that decision in suspending these men, and it was for the Congress to say whether they were right or wrong. He moved to the adoption of the report and the Council.


Under starters orders

The Racing Advisory Committee which represents all the horse-breeding and racing interests in the country, is most anxious that the annual Galway meeting should be held this year, and will give all the help in its power to ensure that the famous fixture takes place, despite cuts in rail services.

Of course the present restrictions on travel may be relaxed before the date of the Galway Races. If not, however, the only thing to do will be to make the most of the limited horse transport which is now so largely used in connection with the metropolitan meetings.

Everybody in Dublin who is interested in racing is displaying extraordinary faith in the Galway Race Committee. All believe that the members of the committee are possessed of sufficient enterprise and energy to overcome the most formidable obstacles and are quite confident that they will be able to win through this year despite everything.

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