Galway In Days Gone By

Joan Mullins and Joan Broderick, both from Bushypark, attending the Rahoon Social in January 1968.
Joan Mullins and Joan Broderick, both from Bushypark, attending the Rahoon Social in January 1968.


Election footing

The election campaign in Galway-Connemara constituency opened on Sunday when meetings in support of both candidates were held at Eyre-Square, Galway.

Sinn Feiners assembled after last Mass, when the candidature of Mr. Padraig O’Maille was urged. A fife and drum band, headed by two pipers paraded the streets previous to the meeting.  Small bodies of supporters from outlying country districts were in attendance. Upwards of thirty police were lined at points on the outskirts of the gathering. A force of armed military arrived from Renmore before the proceedings opened.

Dr. T. Walsh, who presided, said they wanted the people to vote, not for Padraig O’Maille or Eamon de Valera, but for the cause of Ireland, and to show the world that they were united in their demand for Ireland’s right to decide on the form of government which the country should have (applause).  John Dillon and his party were worse Unionists than Carson and his followers. They agreed to the partition of Ireland and determined that the country should remain tied to England.

Cattle driving

On Thursday morning the Earlspark farm, near Loughrea, was cleared of its stock, some of which were daubed on the side with green paint, and scattered in various directions. Several of the cattle were not recovered for two days.  The farm in question is being held in trust for a family known as the Forde minors. It is understood that a claim for compensation is being lodged by the trustees.

Unlawful assembly

On Saturday morning three young men named Thomas Ryan, Jonh Conniffe and James Reilly were arrested by the police at Killimore, and brought to the R.I.C. barracks, where they were charged before Mr. Jasper Whyte, R.M., with unlawful assembly on the 13th October by singing seditious songs and shouting with a crowd, who were not identified.  They were ordered to give bail, or, in default, one month’s imprisonment in Galway jail. The defendants refused bail, and were taken into custody.


Grocer fined

Fines totally £529 0s. 0d. with £73 0s. 0d. were imposed on James Sweeney, merchant, Ahascragh, by District Justice Cahill at a special court in Ballinasloe on Friday.

The charges – 38 in all – were in respect of offences under the Emergency Powers Orders in respect of the sale of tea, sugar, oatmeal, coal, bicycle tyres and tubes, paraffin, flour, dripping, etc. Over a score of witnesses including officials from the Department of Supplies gave evidence.  Mr Sweeney was convicted on 31 of the charges, six were dismissed and one was withdrawn.

Cheaper gas

The Galway Gaslight Company has good news for gas consumers in the city. Not only is the price of gas to be reduced from 16s. 8d. to 14s. per 1,000 cubic feet on and from December 31st, but the company is in a position to guarantee to consumers an ample gas supply for a long time.

A good stock of coal is on hand and the Company hopes to be able to replenish supplies so that no restrictions need be anticipated in the use of gas for any other purpose.

The Company has made arrangements to employ a special engineer to assist consumers and his services will be available immediately.

Early closing

Ballinasloe traders, with the exception of licenced publicans, agreed, at the request of the local branch of the Distributive Workers and Clerks, to close their shops at 6 p.m. on weekdays and at 8.30 p.m. on Saturdays.

Fohenagh school

The Commissioners of Public Works have invited tenders for the erection of a national school at Fohenagh, County Galway, for the Very Rev. M. O’Connor, P.P., Fohenagh.

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