Galway In Days Gone By

The Salthill Athletic Team celebrating success in 1960.
The Salthill Athletic Team celebrating success in 1960.


Military formation

Matthew Hughes and John McNally, at a Crimes Court held by Mr. J. Byrne, R.M. at Ballinasloe, on Saturday, were charged with assisting in arranging a procession in military formation on the 21st June.

Sergeant Dempsey, replying to Mr. Lea, District-Inspector, said that on the 21st June, at 10.15pm, the fife and drum band marched to the Town Hall, where some people were assembled.

The band turned and faced the town, and a number of men fell into sections of fours. Hughes spoke to some of the parties before they fell in. Both men assisted in arranging the sections.

The Procession marched along, and McNally moved his hand, and the “fours” extended. Hughes was at the rear of the procession at the start, and subsequently at the front. McNally was in the leading section all the time. At a signal from Rev. Dr. Dignam, the parties halted at the Town Hall after parading the town. Hughes asked the Sergeant if he saw him arrange the sections of “fours”.

Witness: I saw you assist at arranging them.

Hughes denied that he assisted in arranging the sections.

District-Inspector Lea applied to have defendants returned for trial. He would not oppose bail.

Chairman (to defendants): Can you get bail?

Hughes: Yes, plenty of it.

Police jeered

A camogie match was advertised to be held at the Company’s field, Ballinasloe on Sunday, between the Ballinasloe and Portumna clubs. The promoters were informed during the week that the match could not take place without a permit. Notwithstanding the warning, the Portumna team arrived on Sunday, and immediately thirty police, under the direction of District-Inspector Lea, marched to the field and removed the goal posts. A number of young ladies who had gathered in the field returned to the town.

It is stated the match was played about a half-mile away and resulted in a win for Ballinasloe by 8 goals to 2. When returning, the police were jeered at the Town Hall. The Head-Constable gave the order to clear the street, and the crowd immediately dispersed.


Harbour Board penniless!

The financial condition of the Galway Harbour Commissioners was discussed at length at their meeting today. Commissioners were informed by the Secretary, Mr. J.S. Campbell, that the bank manager had informed him that the bank would not meet any more cheques as the Board had already exceeded its sanctioned overdraft by £200.

The Commissioners were told that this meant the officials of the Board or the dock gatemen could not be paid their wages.

After a long discussion, it was decided to get in touch with the Minister by ‘phone and to afterwards interview the bank manager to see if temporary accommodation for six months could be arranged.

Holiday invasion

The invasion of Galway in great strength has begun. For weeks past, visitors have been pouring into the city from all parts of Ireland and the past week has brought great crowds from the Six Counties for a Western holiday and the Race Week Carnival.

Mr. P. Kelly, Manager of the I.T.A. Information Bureau, told our reporter that all the hotels were booked out and the demand on private accommodation was very heavy.

Never before, he said, had there been such a great influx of people from the North. The demand for the facilities afforded by his office was heavier than in the past and the demand for I.T.A. literature was very keen. The Northern visitors, he added, were delighted with the West and the courtesy and kindness of the people. The charges in hotels and boarding houses were normal, Mr. Kelly said, and no complaints had been made by hotel-keepers or visitors of any shortage of foodstuffs.

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