Galway In Days Gone By


Man arrested

On Saturday night last, or early on Sunday morning, a shooting outrage occurred at Hearnsbrook House, Killimore, the residence of Mr. George McPhail, an extensive land owner in the district and a large employer of labour.

It appears Mr McPhail heard shots that morning, and having called the butler, examined the place.

On Monday, it was visited by District-Inspector Harrison and Sergt. Hynes, who found the drawingroom window smashed, and the traces of gunshot on the wall inside.

The same evening, a young man named Killeen was arrested and remanded for days. It is alleged the outrage has nothing to do with agrarian troubles, as recently there were differences amongst the employees in the place.

R.I.C. more pay

A largely-attended meeting in furtherance of demanding more pay for the R.I.C. was held at Loughrea Barracks. Members of the force attended from all outlying stations, all ranks being represented.

Resolutions were proposed and adopted with a view to memoralising the Lord Lieutenant and bringing the grievances of the men under the notice of the Government.

The men were unanimous in affirming that nothing less than 1s. a day of an increase would remedy the existing grievance. The promoters hope that other counties and districts will take up the same attitude in this respect as Loughrea has done.


Hospital Gala Day

Ballinasloe Asylum medical staff, with the cooperation of the attendants and nurses, provided an attractive gala day for the patients at the hospital grounds, when between 800 and 900 patients, male and female, were entertained by a programme of sports, races, music, and later in the evening, an enjoyable concert.

The attendants staff met teams in football and camogie from Mullingar Mental Hospital, and the Ballinasloe brass band and the boys’ town band turned out and played a programme of musical items throughout the day.

Water shortage

The shortage of a regular water supply to the new houses at Tubberjarlath, Tuam, is a cause of some complaint, and as the existing water pump and pressure is apparently insufficient to ensure a full supply of water to that part of the town, the question of getting an auxiliary pumping engine somewhere about Tobernamie is being considered. The cost of such an auxiliary scheme, will be about £5,000.

Fishing activity

Signs of renewed fishing activity are evident at Cleggan pier where now lie two large trawlers of the Bristol type, owned by the Western Ocean Fishing Company. Although weather conditions at the moment are not all that might be desired, Mr. V.R. King, representative of the company was most optimistic when interviewed by a “Connacht Tribune” reporter.

He is arranging to carry out experiments with a view to locating new fishing grounds off the West coast. In this connection, he expressed deep gratitude to many local people with knowledge from the coast who had given valuable information by which he hopes to profit considerably in his experiments.

Mr. King carried out some investigations in the Dublin fish market last week and found to his surprise that foreign dumped fish were sold out by some salesmen before any Irish fish were offered, this placing the latter fish at a disadvantage.

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