Galway homeowners offered sustainable heating solution

Homeowners in Galway can now benefit from a new grant of up to €3,500 recently announced recently by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland to install an air source heat pump when retrofitting their property.

With the objective of supporting more renewable heating options, this move has been welcomed by leading heat manufacturer, Grant. They have been heating homes in Galway for 40 years, and in recent years the business has expanded its product offering to include air source heat pumps and a unique hybrid model.

“The SEAI heat pump grant is a great move forward for the industry and supports homeowners who wish to be more environmentally friendly by adopting a sustainable form of heating for their properties,” said Barry Gorman of Grant’s technical team.

“Since its launch in April we have noticed a significant uplift in the interest of our Aerona inverter driven air source heat pumps (ASHP). The Aerona provides both heat and hot water for the property and operates on the basic conversion of thermal energy from the atmosphere into heat energy. As it is solely dependent on solar energy, it also helps homeowners to safeguard against fluctuations in fossil fuel costs.

“It is important when considering the installation of an air source heat pump to ensure that your home is well insulated as this improves the economic benefit to the homeowner once the technology is installed,” continued Barry.

Celebrating four decades of innovation this year, Grant is continuing to drive the industry forward with its portfolio of innovative and efficient heating technologies.

Since 1978, the company has invested significantly into the research, design and overall manufacturer of 15 products and most recently diversified its range to include more sustainable offerings that meet the growing demand for more environmentally-friendly heating solutions.

Grant’s range of heating products including the Aerona are available from stockists throughout Galway. See