Galway In Days Gone By

A large numbers of protestors demand the natlonalisation of the Salmon Weir fishery in Galway city, in September 1969.
A large numbers of protestors demand the natlonalisation of the Salmon Weir fishery in Galway city, in September 1969.


Gas explosion

An alarming gas explosion occurred in the manhole at the Four Corners on Wednesday afternoon, this being the second time within the last few years that an explosion has taken place at the same point. The explosion is attributed to an accumulation of gas coming into contact with a spark from the electric wires which are in close proximity.

The manhole, and the bricks etc., in which it was set, were hurled into the air a distance of thirty or forty feet. The street was torn up for several feet each side of the manhole, and particles of the debris bespattered the frontage of Grealy’s medical hall up to the second storey, some actually entering the business portion of the establishment.

Fortunately, no serious results followed the terrible occurrence, beyond slight facial injuries to a person named Melvin in the employment of Mr. B. Hynes, who happened to be passing at the time. Many who heard the deafening noise were terrified as to its cause, some viewing the occurrence in their bewilderment as a possible visitation by Zepps. Their minds were, however, soon eased on visiting the scene, which attracted hundreds during the night and on Thursday.

At a meeting of Galway Urban Council, Mr. W.N. Binns, B.E., reported that he happened to be in the vicinity at the time of the explosion, and formed the opinion that it occurred owing to an accumulation of the gas, which became ignited probably by an electric spark in the manhole.


Expensive potatoes

Dear Editor,

The market price for potatoes at the present time in Galway calls for investigation. It may come as a surprise to learn that the price is over 100 per cent above the price on the Dublin market. If the present price continues, the charity organisations in Galway must combine and bring to the city, say, two lorry loads each week at the sell the contents at nett cost.

This importation will ease the situation and enable the farmers to retain their property until say, next July and August when the new crop will be on the market. The Minister states that the supply of potatoes in the country is ample for all requirements.

Yours, A householder.

Ration books

The relatives of all patients at present in the Central Hospital, Galway, are requested to immediately forward all Ration Books, including Tea and Sugar Coupons, belonging to such patients, to the Matron of the Hospital. Failure to comply with this request will mean that the hospital authorities will not be able to procure sufficient tea and sugar for patients.

New butcher’s shop

Mr. Paddy Ryan (of Ryan’s Hotel, Salthill and Loughrea), wishes to announce to his numerous friends that he is opening a high-class victualling and butchering establishment at Henry Street, Galway, in the premises formerly occupied by Hanley’s Drapery. First-class beef and mutton only will be on sale.

Connacht’s poor show

Leinster 14pts Connacht nil. Once again Connacht had to give best to Leinster in Interprovincial Rugby when at Donnybrook, Dublin, on Saturday they were defeated by one placed goal and three tries to nil. Leinster had an attacking out-half with a partner who got the ball away quickly and accurately; centre three-quarters who were hard, straight runners, and a wing three-quarter of tremendous speed. Connacht had a grand pack of forwards, but that was all.

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