Galway City is Ireland’s capital of multi-culture

Galway is the most multi-cultural city in the country, according to new Census figures which show that around one in every five people are non-Irish nationals.

The figures released by the Central Statistics Office in the ‘Migration and Diversity’ report show that on Census Night 2016, 18.6% of Galway City’s population were non-Irish nationals, with a figure of 8.4% in the county.

In the State overall, non-Irish nationals account for 11.6% of the population.

A breakdown of the figures shows that in Galway City, 13,620 are non-nationals, with the largest group being Polish at 3,872, followed by the UK at 1,415.

A total of 2,529 had arrived in the year to April 2016, with 78.5% (1,984) born outside Ireland.

For the county, there are 14,939 non-nationals, the biggest group being 4,654 from the UK, followed by Polish at 3,631.

According to the report, almost half of non-Irish nationals resident in the county were either Polish (7,503) or UK (6,069) nationals. Lithuanian, Brazilian and United States nationals completed the Top Five non-Irish nationalities, and accounted for 12% of all non-Irish nationals.

“Gort, with a population of 2,951, had a non-Irish population of 785 (26.6%), just over half of whom were Brazilians. Of the ten towns (of 1,500 or higher population) with the highest percentage of non-Irish nationals, Gort was ranked ninth.

“In the year prior to Census 2016, some 4,621 people moved into the county, an increase of 1,484 (47.3%) on the year prior to the census in 2011. Of these, 3,248 (70.3%) were born outside of the country,” the report reads.