Galway 2020 group summoned before meeting of city council

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Chairperson of Galway 2020 and other representatives are to appear before a meeting of the city council next week.
Councillor Padraig Conneely organised a meeting between the Economic Development, Enterprise and Culture Strategic Policy Committee and the 2020 group for next week. (17/6)
However, at a meeting of the local authority this week (11/6), councillors felt that the Galway 2020 representatives should come before the full council with a progress update.
At a meeting of the city council this week, several councillors expressed concern about the lack of information lately on Galway 2020.
Councillor Mark Lohan said the city council is providing funding to the campaign and therefore should get an update 2 to 3 times a year.
The county council has also provided funding for Galway 2020.
Councillor Michael Crowe told the meeting that there seems to be a ‘vacuum’ in the public realm in terms of information relating to the 2020 campaign, since it was announced that Galway had won the bid.
He added that any organisation which is reluctant to come before the local council makes him feel ‘uneasy’, but CEO Brendan McGrath says the 2020 team has been willing to attend the council but had difficulty scheduling.
Councillor Michael Cubbard said Galway 2020 had initially encompassed so much positivity but is now quiet and there are comments from people in Limerick saying they’ll ‘take over if Galway fails.’
Councillor Frank Fahy said there is no signage around the city to indicate that Galway won the bid for 2020 and now the campaign is ‘mired in negativity and controversy’.
British theatre director Chris Baldwin was appointed to the post of creative director of Galway 2020 last year – but recently resigned.
The meeting with the city council will take place next Tuesday (19/6) at 5p.m at City Hall, College Road.