Free introduction to an Animal of a band

Search Party Animal play a free gig in The Róisín Dubh.
Search Party Animal play a free gig in The Róisín Dubh.

Groove Tube with Jimi McDonnell –

Search Party Animal is an emerging band that blends electronic music, rhythmic guitars and vocal hooks to winning effect. The Dublin-based quintet play a free show in Róisín Dubh on Thursday next, May 24, plugging their latest single, Get Hitched. It’s a catchy tune, and a good introduction to Search Party Animal. Adam Redmond from the band explains how the song came about.

“That one was lying around for a while,” he says. “It always starts off in my laptop, and it would have been maybe just the verse, I think. I really enjoyed the vibe of the track, it was a bit more groove based. We were in need of a single. We had something else ready, but I was really set on finishing Get Hitched – so I did that over the course of days.”

Adam is joined in the band by Jamie Kealy, Ciarán Byrne, Jack Rudden and Daniel McIntyre.  How do they contribute to the making of the band’s music?

“Well, it sort of depends,” Adam says. “We’re all in college, so sometimes it’s a case of me working on something myself. A lot of the time, I’ll send them stuff, and we’ll work it out in a room – how the track will go with all of us playing it. I think we’re all on the same wavelength in what we want to achieve, we’re all agreed on what sounds good. In general, we’ve always been a unit, supporting each other and bouncing off one another.”

Search Party Animal record in a home studio in the back garden of Adam’s house. In there, ideas are thrown around as the band pursue a sound until they’re happy with it.

“Often the lads will get together will work on the mix of it, or work on different sounds. But, yeah, it’s all recorded in the back of my house, on a laptop. We’ll come together, throw stuff down, mess around with production ideas. The whole band is into production and electronic music. Everyone’s got an input in that sense.”

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