Fourth Count Ballinasloe LEA: Dolan the surprise package

Aisling Dolan


After four counts in the Ballinasloe area, the prospects look even more favourable for independent candidate Aisling Dolan snatching a surprise seat.

Following the elimination of another Ballinasloe independent candidate, Harriet Bruce, Dolan has established a lead of almost 260 votes over Fine Gael candidate and sitting councillor Aidan Donohue.

It would be a disappointing day for Fine Gael if the party was to win just one seat in the area and having two sitting councillors in Donohue and Michael Finnerty lose out.

But there is still a long way to go with only Tim Broderick (Ind) and Michael Connolly (FF) having been elected in the six-seater electoral area so far.

However, three of the remaining four seats are expected to be taken by Peter Keaveney (FG), Declan Geraghty (Ind) and Dermot Connolly (SF).

Meanwhile, the count for the Tuam electoral area is just under way.




Number of seats: 6

Electorate: 23,513

Total poll: 13,462

Spoiled votes: 211

Total valid poll: 13,251

Quota: 1,894


First count

Timmy Broderick (Ind) 2,362

Michael Connolly (FF) 2,168

Peter Keaveney (FG) 1,632

Declan Geraghty (Ind) 1,541

Dermot Connolly (SF) 1,387

Aisling Dolan (Ind) 1,082

Aidan Donohue (FG) 845

Michael Finnerty (FG) 697

Mike Kelly (FF) 511

Ken Campbell (SD) 407

Harriet Bruce (Ind) 311

Kenneth O’Brien (FF) 308


Broderick and Connolly elected



Second court

(Distribution of Broderick’s surplus)


Peter Keaveney (FG) (+19) 1,651

Declan Geraghty (Ind) (+39) 1,580

Dermot Connolly (SF) (+113) 1,500

Aisling Dolan (Ind) (+60) 1,142

Aidan Donohue (FG) (+99) 944

Michael Finnerty (FG) (+23) 720

Mike Kelly (FF) (+25) 536

Ken Campbell (SD) (+39) 446

Harriet Bruce (Ind) (+33) 344

Kenneth O’Brien (FF) (+18) 326



Third count

(Distribution of Michael Connolly’s surplus)


Peter Keaveney (FG) (+40) 1,691

Declan Geraghty (Ind) (+46) 1,626

Dermot Connolly (SF) (+19) 1,519

Aisling Dolan (Ind) (+18) 1,160

Aidan Donohue (FG) (+36) 980

Michael Finnerty (FG) (+13) 733

Mike Kelly (FF) (+39) 575

Ken Campbell (SD) (+10) 456

Kenneth O’Brien (FF) (+43) 369

Harriet Bruce (Ind) (+10) 354


Bruce eliminated



Fourth count

Distribution of Bruce’s vote

Peter Keaveney (FG) (+7) 1,698

Declan Geraghty (Ind) (+11) 1,637

Dermot Connolly (SF) (+84) 1,603

Aisling Dolan (Ind) (+99) 1,259

Aidan Donohue (FG) (+21) 1,001

Michael Finnerty (FG) (+16) 749

Mike Kelly (FF) (+34) 609

Ken Campbell (SD) (+40) 496

Kenneth O’Brien (FF) (+5) 374


O’Brien eliminated