Former Mayor’s attack on foreign ‘freeloaders’

Former Mayor of Galway city, Cllr Noel Larkin.

Former mayor of Galway City and well-known businessman Noel Larkin has hit out at Ireland’s PAYE taxation and social welfare system – and its “blatant misuse” by people who do not want to work and non-nationals.

Councillor Larkin – who owns Larkin Engineering in Tuam – issued a 1,500-statement last week in which he lambastes the Government for the “unjust” tax regime for PAYE workers, and the abuse of the system which offers “free money” for those who don’t want to work.

He told the Connacht Tribune this week he is “very angry” about “people who laze around and do nothing all day”, and called for a complete overhaul of the country’s taxation and welfare systems.

He ruled out the suggestion that some of the content of the statement could be seen as racist – but he referred to a story of a person who was looking to get a bigger house from the City Council recently.

“When the case was examined the following was revealed; Mr X is living in Galway, is a non-national, never worked in Ireland a day since he arrived nine years ago. He has a wife and his three daughters living with him. Discontented because his wife has not produced a son for him, he takes on a girlfriend/partner to live in the same house, whom he duly gets pregnant, but is very disappointed that it is another daughter!

“Now Mr X has six females to look after in the one house, four bedrooms is not sufficient, so he requires a six-bedroom house.

“When Mr X was asked why he does not work he replied that “work is hard, social welfare is easy”. Yet again, who is the fool? When is the hard-pressed taxpayer going to get a break?

“We are standing at airport gates weekly waving goodbye to our well-educated youth as they emigrate in the hope of a better life, with a cheque in the other hand welcoming families who are here for a good time with no intention of making a contribution to the State,” said Cllr Larkin.

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