Flying the nest no easy option for the boomerang generation

Dave O'Connell

A Different View with Dave O’Connell

It’s such a regular phenomenon these days that they even have a name for it; they call them the boomerang generation, the offspring who fly the nest, only to return when it dawns on them that they never had it so good.

Of course, that does a disservice to current crop of twentysomethings as a whole, because many of them are simply forced to come home, having failed to find anywhere else to live.

And for the most part, parents are only too thrilled to have them back because, truth be told, they never wanted them to leave – or indeed even grow up – in the first place.

But the dynamic that once came so easily in the family home – parents were in charge and children weren’t – is very different when everyone, at least in theory, is an adult.

No longer does the mortgage payer rule the roost; long gone are the days when your questions were always answered and the whereabouts of your little darlings were known to you at all times.

But the biggest problem with boomerang children is not the loss of old dynamics; it’s more the one consistent that they’ve taken with them from childhood through teenage years and into adulthood.

They never clean up after themselves.

And this, according to a recent survey of parents in the UK, is the single biggest negative when it comes to kids returning.

The tension is ratcheted up if your son or daughter returns to the ancestral home with a partner in tow – because now they are more entitled to their space than ever and you have to watch your words because, initially at least, there’s a guest in your house.

The difficulty is that your own offspring seems to also take on the role of guest by neglecting to do their share of the cooking, washing up, emptying of bins, hoovering – or even picking up their own clothes and seeing them through the process to make it back onto their backs.

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