Five squad cars called to New Year’s Eve pub row

Galway City Tribune – Up to five Garda cars were called to the scene of a disturbance close to a public house in Ballybane following New Year’s Eve celebrations on Monday night.

Video footage of the row is circulating on social media.

Gardai were called after a melee developed involving an estimated 20 to 30 people outside the Lantern Bar in Ballybane – one man was arrested under the Public Order Act.

The disturbance involved a number of men and women close to the Ballybane Shopping Centre and led to the Gardai being called at around 1am on the morning of January 1.

One person at the scene is understood to have made a complaint of being assaulted – several Gardai remained at the scene for some time after, until the parties involved eventually ‘cooled down’.
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