Final Count Gort-Kinvara: Finnerty & Donohue elected

Gerry Finnerty

There was a final twist in the tale as counting concluded in the Gort-Kinvara LEA when Independent candidate Geraldine Donohue edged out Fianna Fáil’s Kevin Fahey on the eighth and last count.
Gerry Finnerty retained his seat, but the Kilchreest woman took the higher share of Fionn Kiely’s transfers to edge out Fahey at the finishing post.


Eighth Count
(Distribution of Kiely’s vote)
Gerry Finnerty (FF) (+93) 1,354
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) (+233) 1,338
Kevin Fahey (FF) (+113) 1,275
Finnerty and Donohue elected without reaching the quota.