EU proposal on six-months test needs ‘watching’

Stephen Canavan: Six months test proposal is not on!
Stephen Canavan: Six months test proposal is not on!

A PROPOSAL in a new Animal Health Law Delegated Act to introduced a new 30-day TB test on all herds that have been six months tested needs to be vigorously opposed by the Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, according to IFA Animal Health representatives.

Galway IFA Animal Health Representative, Stephen Canavan, said that while this new test was only a proposal it needed to be opposed completely as it would have serious consequences for the Irish cattle trade.

“More than any other European country, we depend a lot on the movement of cattle to sustain the trade – if introduced, this proposal would seriously impact on cattle sales and especially in the West of Ireland,” said Stephen Canavan.

He added that at present, Irish farmers were part of a ‘very tight’ disease regulation and testing regime where in TB hot-spots, farmers could have to have up to three tests in any given year.

“The measures that we have in place in relation to disease control are more than adequate but we must be vigilant to ensure that this proposal does not come to pass,” said Stephen Canavan.

This extra test after six months, he said, would then only be valid for 30 days and would have to be paid for by the farmer despite a commitment that farmers would only have to pay for one test in any given year.

Meanwhile, IFA Animal Health Chairman, Pat Farrell, has said the only beneficiaries of this proposal would be vets and factories at the expense of farmers.

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