Emergency Coordination Group warns of further bad weather

Flooding on Fr Griffin Road in Galway City (Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy)

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The City Council has urged motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution this evening, with the next high tide due at 6pm.

The National Emergency Co-Ordination Group has said further bad weather is due tonight.

A massive clean-up is underway this afternoon after flooding caused by Storm Eleanor devastated homes and businesses in the city.

27,000 homes across the country remain without power this afternoon.

Met Éireann is urging the public to stay safe – with more powerful winds and flooding possible this afternoon.

Storm Eleanor’s surge and gusts caused chaos last night – flooding busy streets; leaving homes and businesses under water.

Sandbags and flood defences were breached at Salthill and Spanish Arch – leaving many questioning whether the city was prepared for the storm.

Galway City Council Chief Executive Brendan McGrath says no data saw the tidal surge coming.

Humanitarian relief has been promised for those affected by Storm Eleanor.

At its peak 55,000 homes were without power – and tens of thousands remain off the grid.